​"Raising crops and animals in harmony with Mother Earth”
At 54 Green Acres we raise crops and animals using organic methods, fresh Oregon spring water, the clearest sky and brightest sun that only Oregon can provide. We have water rights that date back to 1882 to irrigate 15 acres of the farm. We have two homes on the property and many out buildings. We are committed that our efforts will produce delicious and healthy results!

Our team – Kate and Vin acquired the farm in August 2014.  During the first year of our ownership we have made many improvements to the landscape, acquired a new tractor, utility vehicle, and monster truck.

Ron is a experienced master bee keeper, organic grower, and landscape architect and is on our team as a project consultant. 

Jim is our farm foremen and lives full time on the farm with his wife and daughter. Jim is a jack of all trades, an avid hunter, and father figure to the rabbits and chickens who he has raised since they came to the farm.  Kate is the baroness, proprietor, and CEO of the farm.

Vin oversees the cannabis business and is manual labor and a sounding board for Kate. We have many contract labor crews that include: electricians, excavators, plumbers, and more that help us keep the 54 acres organic and looking natural and pristine.