Take A Tour Of Our Farm

54 Green Acres is a Southern Oregon award winning farm producing quality craft cannabis with the highest combination of terpenes and THC to delight the mind and the body. The terpenes produce the smell, aroma, and taste that are derived from our genetics and thrive in our organic terroir. 

We use all means possible to produce amazing aroma and quality bud structure. We complete our harvest early through regenerative farming and the deprivation of light during the growing cycle. This allows us to cure our flower longer thus enhancing a smooth flavor experience. 

Our biodiverse garden is both Certified KindTM and Sun & Earth CertifiedTM. Our crystal clear water flows from Sucker Creek where our water rights were granted in 1882. 

Our 54 Green Acres Team

Ron, a master bee keeper and expert grower ascends the ladder to check the plants and provide an updated measurement. 

We are licensed by the State of Oregon to grow cannabis commercially under a Tier 2 Recreational license.

Cannabis plants are grown organically at 54 Green Acres, no pesticides or additives are used in the soil or sprayed on the plants. Natural fish based organic materials help these plants reach heights averaging 12 feet during their vegetative state. A variety of indica and sativa plants are grown under the watchful eyes of our master growers. The sun shines brightly and fresh water is provided from the mountain creek that flows for 1/2 mile through the farm.