​​​​(54honey.com) a 54 Green Acres product offering

Oregon Leaf names 54 Honey

"Edible of the Month"
– November 2020. 

Our Brand Promise—Purely Organic, Amazing Results

54honey combines 54 Green Acres honey with our cannabis terpenes and distillate that were created from the same strain of our flower. The terpenes and distillate were extracted by Form Factory; the honey mixture is formulated by Form Factory, an Acreage Holding Company. Our first honey/distillate/terpene offering to the market will be the one-ounce jar.

We want to get as many folks to try the 54honey offering as possible. Consumers who have smoked and enjoyed our flower will likely like the combo of our honey, terpenes and distillate. New customers to our flower will likely try it if the promised taste and effects combined with a fair price are communicated to them. 

​Our Raw Blackberry Honey —We have over 1,000,000 bees and over 1,000,000 blackberries bushes on our farm which produces raw blackberry flavored honey that is high in nectar. When we need more honey then our bee crew can produce, we acquire additional local raw honey that is rich with blackberry aromas and flavors. In our location in the Pacific Northwest, blackberry’s grow wild and the bees just love them. Our raw honey has a distinct flavor and viscosity.

As we have tested our initial flavors of
Pineapple, Lemon Kush and Hindu Kush, we have overwhelming feedback that eating the honey, distillate and terpenes created from our flower produces a similar mind and body effect to smoking our flower.