We are beekeepers and have over 1,000,000 honey bees who thrive on our blackberry bushes. In our location in the Pacific Northwest blackberry’s grow wild and our bees just love them producing a unique, blackberry flavored, raw honey. We are excited to announce that in November 2019, we released 54 Honey in three flavors; Lemon Kush, Pineapple, and Hindu Kush. 

​​Bees are critical to our farm.

Ron is the master bee keeper but Kate is coming up to speed quickly. Both Kate and Vin are outfitted with bee attire for those fun encounters with our three hives containing about 30,000 bees per hive. The bees travel around the property and within a few miles of the farm gathering local nectar.  Ron and Ann had been jarring honey for many years from the bee population and 2015 will be the first of many 54 Green Acres honey. The first batch harvested in early August produced 3.5 gallons of honey with a subtle but distinctive and delicious blackberry flavor. In the video's below Marty is visiting the farm and assisting Kate with the hives. 

Our bees have been busy!